A legal vehicle for the first AgroFreshPark in Poland has been officially registered

On the 2ndof February 2019 AgroFreshPark Holding B.V. and Blue Fifty B.V. officially registered in the Court of Łódź, Poland AgroFreshPark sp. z o.o. This limited liability company shall act as the operational entity for the development, building and operation of the first AgroFreshPark in Central Poland.

AgroFreshPark sp. z o.o., together with a group of selected partners, took the initiative to prepare a development plan for AgroFreshPark Łódzkie, a fresh food business park in the heart of Poland. The partners, together with other qualified partners, have the ambition to develop and build a fresh food business park according to the so-called cluster concept. In 2019/2020 the first ready to build plots should be offered to Polish and international companies, directly or indirectly related to fresh food production, processing and distribution.

Why Poland?

The Polish domestic market for food products is very attractive. Poland is one of the fastest growing countries in the EU since its accession to the European Union and they also demonstrated to have a responsible, reliable and resilient economy during the financial crisis. Its macroeconomic situation is stable and the success of the recent years is well founded on robust domestic demand. Poland will become, together with the Netherlands, Spain and France, one of the major food production, processing and trading economies within the European Union, particularly its dominant position in Central and Eastern Europe forms a strong foundation.

A FreshPark, AgroPark and ServicePark section

AgroFreshPark Łódzkie will form a “transit hub” between the Netherlands, Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, but also will play an important role in the “local-for-local” market. The proposed concept is based on the “Greenport” model, successfully developed and implemented in the Netherlands. Benchmark projects in the Netherlands are Fresh Park Venlo and Agriport A7. AFPL’s ambition is to develop and build during the first phase (2019 – 2021) 10 hectares of industrial area for fresh food business (FreshPark section) and 40 hectares for greenhouse developments for horticultural production (AgroPark section). At later stages AFPL will develop another 40 hectares for business parks and 160 hectares for greenhouses.

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For more information, contact Mr. Theo Tiegelaar, email: theotiegelaar@kenlog.nl