HSL and Urban Farming Partners team up for sustainable local greens

Singapore imports 90% of its food – a sustainable solution was launched at CleanEnviro Summit Singapore.

Infrastructure construction company HSL and Dutch consortium Urban Farming Partners formally marked their partnership at the Singapore International Water Week, the World City Summit and the CleanEnviro Summit in Singapore. The two partners will develop an urban farm in Singapore. This farm will be located inside the premises of HSL at the waterfront at Penjuru Road, opposite Jurong Island. Urban Farming Partners is a consortium with expertise in various aspects of indoor growing concepts, from growing and logistics to marketing and urban planning. The aim of the cooperation is to produce vegetables for the local market in a sustainable manner.

About 10% of the food that is consumed in Singapore is produced locally. The Singapore Agri-food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) supports and encourages initiatives that contribute to a higher level of self-sufficiency in greens. With the industry of indoor farming still in its infancy, Urban Farming Partners chooses to engineer the farm backwards, starting with the demand and making sure the technologies applied are in line with local consumer trends. Moreover, solutions from the circular economy concepts will be applied, such as the use of solar energy, rain water and by-products of neighbouring companies, like CO2 and residual cooling.

The signing ceremony was witnessed by the chairman of the Centre for Liveable Cities, Mr Khoo Teng Chye, Mr Ahmed Aboutaleb, mayor of the city of Rotterdam, and H.E. Ms Margriet Vonno, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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Nienke Gelderloos – Policy Advisor for Agricultural Affairs, Liaison Manager Urban Farming Partners nienke.gelderloos@minbuza.nl +65 6739 1152

Mirjam Boekestijn – Coordinator of the Urban Farming Partners, mirjamboekestijn@kenlog.nl +31 625276071

Wouter Vos – Chairman of the Urban Farming Partners, wvos@kuiper.nl +31 653134861