Our people

Key team members

As a team, we all share Kenlog’s values. With our own specific expertise, we contribute to a diverse team. Team members are actively listened to and received constructive feedback regardless age, gender, or background. We can be each other’s back-up to ensure the smooth running of the work load. We are stronger when we are together.

Henk van Eijk

Managing director

“Henk is a creative, ambitious, and result-oriented entrepreneur. He has a vision on the future, especially with sustainable entrepreneurship. He is good at networking and building relationship steadily over time. He has many years of experience in commercial trade fairs and internal services in horticultural sector as well as agrifood sector. He used to work with international projects in many countries such as Poland, Singapore, India, and Vietnam. He has studied Business Administration and Plant Scientific so he has a concrete background on plant.”

Anneke Waanders

Management assistant

“Anneke Waanders worked as official secretary at Royal FloraHolland. She was a contact person for the employee participation within the flower auction so she communicated with the directors, the board of management and the employees. She has gained many years of experience in employee participation, complaints committee and personnel management. She did not only advise the directors of the cooperative flower auction, but look after the interests of the staff as well as the growers. Also, she obtains solid know-how of the flower auction’s operation. She is part of Kenlog’s core team now, taking responsibility for adminnistration of the company.”

Theo Tiegelaar

Executive partner

“Theo is an independent, self-employed consulting engineer, with his background in general management in the agricultural, environmental and real estate sectors. Theo is active in establishing new footholds in emerging markets for one of the largest consulting and engineering firms in Europe. Additionally, he established, together with local partners, his own firm for asset management in Poland. Theo gets used to working in developing markets (Ukraine, Ethiopia, Chuvash Republic) and emerging markets (Poland, Hungary, Russia, and Ireland).”

Laura Rietdijk

Executive partner

“Laura is a multilingual, dedicated and self-employed business consultant with international experience in B2B, B2C and NGO’s, particularly in market(ing) development and supply chain management among the agro-sea-food sector. Grown up at a farm, she possesses a practical and hands-on mentality. Drawing on a background of professional, academic and travel experiences, combined with her natural curiosity, she is always interested in exploring the interdisciplinary that foster creativity, innovation and new ideas, eventually contributing to the sustainable growth of an organization. Challenges give her energy, finding a solution and meanwhile contributing to people, planet and profit, is what gives her gratification. Food being one of the primary needs is where we can have considerable impact.”

Louis Kester

Executive partner

Advisor commerce, supply chain and digitization Florpartners & executive partner Kenlog & Horti Knowledge Center (HKC).

Born as son of a Dutch Tomato/Pepper Grower and still a grower of vegetable turnip tops.

  • Wageningen University and Research centre (1985-1991).
  • Royal FloraHolland auction – manager Trade Services (1991-2008).
  • Javadoplant Wholesale – general manager (2008-2012).
  • Schoneveld Breeding – commercial director (2012- October 2017).