VinEco cooperates with Kenlog to improve post-harvest management at their farms

VinEco, a member of the Vingroup, currently had 14 farms with 3,000 hectares of agriculture land throughout Viet Nam. VinEco cooperates with Kenlog to improve post-harvest management at their farms. The key products include fresh fruits and vegetables, produced adheres to the highest qualifications of the VietGAP (Viet Nam Good Agriculture Practices) certification, and distributed via VinCommerce’s expansion of modern retail network with more than 1,000 stores in Viet Nam in 2017 and this amount will be 2,000 stores in 2018.

Kenlog is a Dutch company, facilitating the development, coordination and implementation of improvement processes for international agricultural projects. The company, together with a network of specialized partners, provides services for the complete horticultural supply chain.

Kenlog signed an agreement with VinEco Agricultural Investment, Development and Productions LLC for carrying out study covering the whole supply chain from production, post-harvest management till market distribution. Kenlog shall advise VinEco in their supply of a diverse group of fruits and vegetables with the highest qualifications to the domestic and international market. In addition Kenlog shall provide VinEco with improvement plans for operation and post-harvest management, ensuring the enhancement of product quality and shelf life, minimizing manpower cost while maximizing environment-friendly practices.

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Mrs. N.T.P Thao

Deputy General Director of VinEco LLC

M: +84 912 630 268



Mr. H.F. van Eijk

Director Kenlog b.v.

M: +31 646 260 025